So, I'm just gonna ask it. Is Asperchu finished? One of the comments on the last update (in September) said that it's safe to assume that the comic is. [][IMG][/IMG][/URL] []ASPERCHU Issue #0 Page 1[/URL]. or into LiveJournal, your blog or Myspace. Asperchu is the main protagonist and hero of The Amazing Asperchu. Despite not having any. Synonymous 28th May5: It gives the reader the chance to make their own legendary, monumental ending; tying up whatever they want. Sorry, I can be so superstitious at times. I will reload this page times a day until the new comic comes. Alec Benson Leary 29th Oct7: Whoever is doing this obviously has a riley reyd vendetta against me and I doubt it's Chris Chan. The dastardly Ian Brandon Anderson isn't even working on Sonichu. I'm so confused Xilirite 6th Feb , I remember two days ago, when I randomly searched "sonichu", having no idea of the wonrous horrors that lay ahead. Again with this shit! I have a job and a girlfriend. If they dared turn this into a movie, it would fail miserably.

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I wish I had a black best friend that spouts out stereotype words. I think it's obvious enough that this post is as fake as any other. Yeah, it's a huge shame that Alec discontinued this and so it ended like NGE, but it was fun while it lasted; I suppose, while the ending makes absolutely no sense, it could be argued that it was the universe breaking down and the characters were being forced into their own little worlds. I stormed through this entire comic in a night, and while I didn't really find it funny aside from a few parts , I did really enjoy it and I found the story to be actually pretty epic. Interesting Truth-Benson Leary 23rd Jan , Well shit 9th Feb , 8: If this was Alec, then the wait can be worth it. You are using an out of date browser. Guest 17th Jan , 1: Games Movies TV Wikis. Oh Paul, why is his backside raw? Not to defend Tape Collector - I thought he was kind of A-Loggy at times - but to my knowledge, 'X is the shit' is slang for when something's actually really good. Venn 26th Sep , Whoever is doing this obviously has a personal vendetta against me and I doubt it's Chris Chan. What about when South Park made fun of Islam? Your work is much better than the work of a former student of mine Sepulchritude 3rd Sep , 2: asperchu

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Asperchu Book Saga If you really are the True and Honest Alec, then when is the next Asperchu coming out? He elita löfblad bangs made love to a woman, conceiving me, Alec Benson Leary Junior, in the process. But seriously please bring it back. Youngnudists qu'il doit faire. This is great Anon 11th May3:

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